UTC | RAS Rail Systems Group

Work 501 Highland Avenue Morton, PA 19070-1196 Work Phone: (610) 328-1100Website: UTC | RAS Rail Systems Group

Company Information

UTC/RAS is a world class manufacturer & remanufacturer of railroad wheel assemblies, certified by the Association of American Railroads for locomotives, electric MU passenger cars, push pull cars, subway, light rail vehicles, freight cars, and other specialty railroad equipment. UTC/RAS is a manufacturer of new passenger car truck assemblies and a remanufacturer of in-service passenger car truck assemblies with the ablllty to support all back shop operations. UTC/RAS also manufactures new axles, performs axle modifications, remanufactures journal bearing housings, railroad roller bearings, gearboxes, locomotive traction motors, high speed traction motors, train line jumpers, wheel truing operations, fabricated machined metal components and a wide variety of other railroad components.